PowerDirector for Mac (MacBook Air/Pro)

Power director pro for Mac The powerdirectorpro is a great one as it provides you the platform of editing and creating fun videos. The powerdirector pro apk is suitable for both the beginners and the hobbyist. But you won’t find the app for Mac devices as it is not being developed yet. You can use the other alternatives instead.You can also download powerdirector pro on iOS and powerdirector pro for windows.

How to Download PowerDirector for Mac OS

Your editing won’t get stopped due to the unavailability of the power director pro apk for Mac. As you can use the other alternatives too that work well for your device.



This apk is the first alternative that you can use for the power director pro. The app is worth the price and is just available for 15$.


  • The user interface is great.
  • The audio editing is improved.
  • The creation is of high quality.
  • You can export it to your gallery. The quality is 1080p.


  • Cannot import videos using the HD cameras.
  • When you are importing the process slows down.

Final cut

Final cut is available for your devices in 299$. It is a dramatic app that transforms your videos by editing it. Some of the interfaces of this apk are being borrowed by the imovie apk, and this is not liked by the professionals. It might even not have some of the features which are very necessary for editing.

This apk is a bit expensive for the Mac devices.

Wonder share video editor

This is a power packed video editor that is used to edit videos. It is extremely easy to use and edits videos in no time. It is similar to the power director apk and you can for sure use it for your Mac devices as an alternative.

The videos will look just amazing after editing.

Let us see some of the features of this apk:

  • You can import and export videos.
  • You can edit any type of video.
  • You can crop the video, trim it, and even add background music to it.
  • You can transform the videos by adding filters. The speed can also be altered along with adding transitions.
  • You can even edit it by adding the intro screens, and use the tilt shift.


As we don’t have the option of using the power director pro for the Mac devices therefore we can use the alternatives. The alternatives discussed are also good and will help you in editing videos.


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