PowerDirector App for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Power director pro for ios: The powerdirectorpro has been developed for the android devices and currently is unavailable for the ios devices. To get the videos edited you can make use of the other alternatives that are being discussed below. You can also download powerdirector pro for windows and powerdirectorpro for mac.


PowerDirector App for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

You need to follow and download powerdirectorpro alternative to ios.


This apk is basically simple and it does the editing with all the simplicity. You can make use of the professional editing tools too which are incorporated in it. You can use it easily on a small screen too.

There are a lot of features that are supported by this, these are unlimited text, you can add stickers and images, and add audio tracks too.

The editing is done with great precision and you can eve edit the frame that helps you to get an exact amount of video to be displayed.

Along with this features you also need to know how easy it is to use this app.

Pinnacle studio

Pinnacle is really old in the editing world, and it had developed its desktop versions too.

They have been ahead in developing the popularity by creating this awesome package. This package will be providing you with offers that help you control the speed of video, transitions, and helps to edit picture in picture. There are features of pan zoom and audio edits too. It helps you to share videos to a number of platforms.

One thing that might be of an issue is that the editing takes a lot of time. But this tool is excellent and you should give it a try.


Every ios deice user is aware about the app as it accompanied with the apple devices. You can add music to your videos using this apk along with the video covers. Also if you are thinking of creating something funny or silly that you can even make use of the stickers and templates. The imovie app s easily accessible and it is for casual users. As the professionals won’t get the high features in this app and won’t find it more suitable so it is for the casual users basically.


The power director pro app is excellent but since it is not developed for the ios devices therefore we can go for the alternatives. These alternatives are highly recommended and will be assisting you in the process.


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